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Kawii Hime APK is a simulation game where players are allowed to develop their own lovely and hilarious (Hime), meaning Princesses of Japanese.
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Kawii Hime
August 21, 2021
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Android 4.0+
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Kawii Hime is a new best popular game in japan developed in japan, in this game you can customize your character as you like and make it the king of Japanese. If you are a Gaming lover you know that Games enthusiast knows how important it is to rejuvenate your imagination. If you’re bored with violence and adventure games you play every day and make every day poisonous. You like to play an entertaining, energizing, and joyful mood game that will make your creativity comfy & your day. Playing a pleasant, non-violent game with gorgeous characters striving to make yourself and your society comfy yet at the same time extremely humorous with plenty of mini-games and stunts, is a full package for anyone. Today in your android, get Kawii Hime APK, and make yourself a powerful king of japan.

About Kawii Hime:

Kawii Hime APK is a simulation game For the Japanese. Where players are allowed to develop their own lovely and hilarious Hime, meaning Queens of Japanese. So Know it’s you tren to make yourself as a princess of Japanese. You must create your queen and her palace and town properly in this game. The princess you design from the design studio in Kawaii Hime Game might be your favorite anime heroine from Japanese films, television programs, and serials. You may also build gorgeous and trendy Chibi characters with the fantastic design studio and others you wanted.

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In this game you can not only playing also you can make your game. Like, rebuild Princess’s house as a player and make her lovely and sweet. You may set your preferred interior layout, furnishings, studio flats, bedrooms, kitchens, baths, and others to make your hime feel joyful and beautiful. In the game, a variety of furnishings and decorations can be used in any space. It is not a problem to move, rotate or place constituents.

Features Kawii Hime APK:

  • It offers customization choices including hair color, eye color, skin tone, colors of clothing, a crafting system where tools may be collected from all throughout town to construct articles, including guns and enemy armor.
  • This Game Also helps you to create and build a paradise for your character.
  • Kawii Hime App improves your level of creativity and makes you feel joyful and cool.
  • You may also create and refurbish your interior design, costumes, furnishings, and clothing without any work in this studio.
  • The longer you spend and the more engaged people you get, the more coins you get Plus you have coins.
  • The higher your score, the increased the next level and you’ll have an opportunity to take the lead from other players.
  • Invite friends to play &, Play online with your friends.
  • In the game, you talk to players with the same personalities and strategies. 
  • You can also review out everyone’s plans and get an idea about building your homes at other shops.


Kawii Hime APK is a trending game in Japan and at the same time later it will be popular in all our the world. If you want to experience something beautiful that interacts with imagination and talents while you are playing and enjoying, this game is ideal for you. Everyone may be devoted to this game initially with welcoming designs and interfaces. So Now, Download this Application free from our website and enjoy the game.

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