Tag after school APK (Latest v5.0 ) For Android – Free Download 2022

Tag after school APK is a game inspired by the life of Shota Kun. You simulate the game and the player’s life. An after-school game would be an amazing game experience for anyone, whether they are in the life stage of after-school, have gone through it, or are about to go through it. We are all going through this stage of life, and it is extremely difficult as well as mentally unstable. When we go to after-school programs, we experience a variety of fears. When we consider the situations we will face and the social circles we will have to interact with, fearful and lose confidence. Today, we bring you an application that simulates after-school life and works based on what you are doing.

The Tag after-school APK is a game inspired by the life of Shota Kun. You simulate the game and the player’s life by selecting the game, and Shota Kun will be in those circumstances. What happens in the game and with Shota Kun is determined by your actions. The player is afraid of life after school and worries about how she will interact with new social circles and how she will be able to get her life. And rather personal life, back on track with new people and surroundings.

About Tag after school APK:

The Tag after-school APK is an application based on Shota Kun’s after-school life. The game takes place during a critical period in Kun’s life. Your actions have the power to either save or add to the chaos in the player’s life. Kun is terrified of the new life; he or she is terrified of how he or she will be able to control the new life, of interacting with new people, or have a stable mindset toward different problems. And a slew of other issues to deal with.

The player can assist Kun in getting ahead with the decisive actions that he or she will take. The game takes place in a Japanese high school. You, as the player, must make things right by interacting with various people, school administration, and characters.

The animations, characters, and graphics contain a lot of details and a high level of design and engineering by the game developers. Which adds to the feeling of being in the real world. We do not recommend this game for underage students or gamers because it contains adult content.

Tag after-school APK Features:

The application’s well-known features are as follows: The game is engaging and addictive because of the situation from which you will make Kun escape. Kun is stressed and anxious, and you are there to manage things through your actions.

Interaction with other characters: in order to make things right for Kun, you will need to interact with other characters in the game.

Adult content: the application contains some adult-themed scenes and interactions, which is why it is recommended for adults rather than children.

Multiple endings: unlike other similar games, this one has multiple endings that do so much good.


To summarise, the game simulates real-life after-school problems as well as how to get out of them. As a result, the game is a real-life application. Go get your Tag after school APK and play your game to help Kun get out of the bottomless pit of anxiety.

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